Very few DJs remain in the music and entertainment industry today who can rock the high-energy mega-clubs of Vegas, LA and San Diego with a seamless blend of style that is unique to those world-class cities yet authentically their own. Even fewer have toured with, produced for and performed with huge industry names like XZIBIT, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Common, Will Smith, Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots,Big Sean, Paris Hilton, Ginuwine, EVE, KRS-1, Z-Trip and De La Soul, Shaquille O’Neal, DJ Snake among others.

Born in Detroit and raised in San Diego, DJ FINGAZ has had more than 18 years of staying power in the industry as a full-time DJ and music producer. FINGAZ’ versatility, dexterous DJ skills and “Good Music, No Gimmicks” attitude have set him apart from the rest, earning an international following with fans and famous friends in over 200 cities and over 50 countries across the world. Atop an elite list of open-format DJs, FINGAZ is often requested at exclusive nightclubs like Moscow’s Gipsy, Paris’ VIP Room, the famous PURE in Las Vegas & current residency at the Hong Kong hot spot Dragon-i, as well as engagements for luxury brands like MTV, Gumball 3000 and Playboy. His uncanny ability to flawlessly integrate a polished, true open format mix that brings together raw hip-hop, smooth R&B, bangin’ party breaks, classic 80’s favorites, dirty trap beats, soulful house tunes, fist-pumping electro and a touch of Reggae and classic rock put FINGAZ on the upscale entertainment map. His commitment to “Good Music, No Gimmicks” will keep him there for good.


Iraq, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, Iceland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Columbia, France, Hungry, Spain, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Kuwait, Singapore, Romania, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, China, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Georgia, Bahamas, Poland, Chile, New Zealand, Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Thailand , Vietnam, China , Korea, Cambodia, Dubai UAE.

North America
Gumball 3000
Beauty & Essex (NYC)
Fluxx (San Diego)
Lure (Hollywood)
F6ix (San Diego)

Club ONE (Salt Lake City)

Body English (Las Vegas)

Savile Row (Las Vegas)

HAZE (Las Vegas)

Playboy Mansion (Super Bowl 44 party)

Drais (Las Vegas)

Moon (Las Vegas)

Les Deux (Hollywood)

Area (Hollywood)

Myhouse (Hollywood)

Opera (Hollywood)

Mondrian Hotel (Scottsdale)

Key Club (LA)

Rain @ Palms (Las Vegas)

The Joint @ Hard Rock (Las Vegas)

CREAM (Montreal, Canada)

Harry O’s (Salt Lake City)

Fantasies (New Jersey)

Belo (San Diego)

Stingaree (San Diego)

Savage Beats (S.F.)

Future Primitive Sound (S.F.)

Mountain Dew Ice Village (’02 Winter Olympics – Salt Lake City)

Freestyle Sessions (S.F., Seattle, L.A., San Diego, LBC)

Out For Fame (San Diego, AZ, L.A., Miami)

Lyricist Lounge Tour’98 B-Boy Summit ‘97 & ‘98 Skribble Jam

Club Space (San Ruiz, Mexico)

South America
Hip Hop al Parque (Bogota, Columbia)Europe
Nox (Oslo, Norway)
Golden Cut (Hamburg, Germany)
PPC (Graz, Austria)
:PM Club (Sofia, Bulgaria)
VIP Room (Paris, France)
GIPSY (Moscow, Russia)
Club Bamboo (Bucharest, Romania)
Kameleon (Budapest, Hungary)
Majestic Club (Bratislava, Slovakia)
La PALOMA (Barcelona, Spain)The Palladium (Bilbo, Spain)Club ZOO (Belgium)Bozzini (Netherlands)

Copacabana Club (Zurich, Switzerland)

Crowns Club (Munich, Germany)
Dance Factory (Dresden, Germany)

Islington Academy (London)
UK Championships (London)

The Rocket (London)

Ministry of Funk (London)

Move Club (Dassau, Germany)

Taboo Club (Berlin, Germany)
Golden Cut (Hamburg, Germany)

Trap (London) Prince’s Trust & Nokia Urban Music Fest. (London)

Catwalk Club (Barcelona, Spain) Hypnotik fest (Barcelona, Spain)

Jamboree (Barcelona, Spain)

NASA (Rajkovic, Iceland)

Austur (Rajkovic, Iceland)

Royal Arena Festival (Orpund, Switzerland)


Middle East

Xtreamz (Bahrain, Middle East)

VIP Room, (Dubai, UAE)

Private Performances for US Troop (Baghdad, Iraq)



WHY Club (Hong Kong)

Club ORANGE (Kula Lumpur, Malaysia)

Dance Delight (Tokyo, Japan)

Freestyle Session (Tokyo, Japan)

Soul Book (Tokyo, Japan)

Club Plush (Taipei, Taiwan)

Club Mint (Taipei, Taiwan)

Freestyle Session World Finals (Japan)

Dragon-i (Hong Kong)

Tazmania Ballroom (Hong Kong)

Illuzion (Phuket, Thailand)

Ku De Ta (Bankok, Thailand)

OTS Monkey Champagne Room (Shanghai, China)

Club Mix (Beijing,China)

Saigons Lookout (HCMC, Vietnam)

Lucidream (Seoul, Korea)

Lamp Disco (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Nova Club (Phnom penh,Cambodia)


Marble Bar (Sydney, Australia)
MTV Summer Jam (Sydney, Australia)

Urban Assault tour with Kurupt, Luniz, Tech N9ne (New Zealand, Australia)

Club Centro (Auckland, New Zealand)

Plan B (Sydney, Australia)

Metro City (Australia)

Quest (Gold Coast, Australia)

The Prince (Melbourne, Australia)

Ruby Rabbit (Sydney, Australia)